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Against all odds: Inpirational

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Calvin, business consultant and graphic designer from Cape Town presents a business graph related  image to describe his article
To achieve success in business, 
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It is time to test your mettle

Calvin, business consultant and graphic designer from Cape Town presents a business graph related  image to describe his article
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Author: Calvin Dorman
18 - 05 - 2013

As an entrepreneur or business leader, make it your goal to strive to form your own identity and not conform. 

Learn from your own mistakes and be accountable for your own actions. Create an impression of a business person, confident in your own ability and be prepared to do things your own way.  Test your mettle.

Even if the odds are stacked against you, stand up for what you believe and stand firm.

As a business owner, one has to deal with really tough problems and business decisions from time to time and  one cannot ignore nor try to  avoid it.

However, in dealing with them, whether it is wondering how you are going to pay all your staff this month or lack of sufficient sales, you should not ask why it should happen to you, but rather focus on how to respond in the face of them.

Here is a key reaction to problems by truly great business leaders.  They don’t ask “why me, I don’t deserve this” and spiral down into self-pity but they ask “how must I respond right now to enable me to come out on top again as soon as possible”.

In the face of big problems, it  is wise to consult with your mentor and also ask advise from your mastermind group or board of directors if you own a large company. 

I’m still surprised at how many entrepreneurs I meet today who still don’t have business mentors, but rely solely on their own instincts.

As a business owner, the final decision on whatever route you take lies with you.  You are responsible for the results and are held accountable.  You cannot blame your advisors.  Truly great leaders do not play the blame game or hold resentments against people who have let them down when the going got tough.  Test your mettle. Do you fold under pressure or do you take responsibility and face the challenges head-to-head, no matter how painful or uncomfortable it may be.

Through right actions and a strong support team, you can weather any storm, but then your house has to be in order first. You have to be honest with yourself and stand up to your convictions no matter what the consequences. 

Once you have made sure that the root of the problem does not lie with the quality of your product offer/service or the lack of good client/staff relationships,  then you must be prepared to take bold steps on the correct plan formulated after consultation and hard, self-reflective thinking. As my mentor once said to me…before you step into the ring, make sure you are going to win the fight.

I now know with all my heart that owning a successful business which was once only a dream and wishful thinking in my early twenties has become a reality which I have to deal with on a daily basis.

When we strengthen our belief and have the courage to listen to and follow our hearts and deal with the obstacles, all can turn out well.  We can be supported on every possible level, including financial success. 

Wonderful opportunities and possibilities exist for each and all of us as entrepreneurs when we choose to strengthen our intention and act on what we want to do and be.  This is true leadership in action. You can no longer procrastinate. The time has come to make up your mind and make your decision. Now is the time to test your mettle.

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