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by Calvin Dorman
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Against all odds: Inpirational

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Calvin, business consultant and graphic designer from Cape Town presents a business graph related  image to describe his article
To achieve success in business, 
whether big or small, I have come to realize the importance of understanding and applying 
certain principles or values.
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About Calvin

image of calvin, a business consultant and graphic designer from cape town

Calvin Dorman is a Professional Online Business Consultant
and Training Lecturer from Cape Town, South Africa.

He offers companies and individuals expert digital marketing,
one-to-one computer training and graphic design solutions.

His computer graphic skills include the Adobe CS6 Suite and the CorelDRAW X7 Graphic Suite. He attained his Diploma in 1991 at the AAA School of Advertising.

In 1994, he decided to leave the corporate world and started one of the first computer training companies in Cape Town specializin
exclusively in CorelDRAW and Corel's PHOTO-PAINT in 1994.

He pioneered the first CorelDRAW course at Varsity College in 1996.

Besides being an Entrepreneur, Lecturer and a Web Marketing Consultant, he also gives business seminars focusing on business principles and motivation.

Major Layout Design contracts during 2009 includes advertising for Media24 and Magazine Layout design work for 104fm (Radio Tygerberg).

During 2009-2010, Calvin was contracted by Prestige Academy in Bellville to impart his Computer Graphics knowledge and Graphic Design experience of the past 18 years to their students. He lectured Web Marketing, Print Production, Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop as well as Corel Photo-Paint.

In 2010 Calvin researched and pioneered new courses for Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter & YouTube) which he presented at training companies. He was contracted by Dynamix Learning Solutions where he was responsible for the design of their promotions, websites and email marketing campaigns.

Currently, Calvin is presenting one-to-one graphics training classes to companies, business owners and individuals who want to be proficient in the shortest time possible. Training is presented in the evenings at the Tygerberg Art school or On-site.

He has also been contracted by Damelin Mowbray to be responsible for the Creative Arts Faculty where he has been teaching Drawing, media and Graphics since 2014.

Calvin's persistent persuit of design excellence and his vast business experience as a qualified graphic/digital designer, makes his services sought after and valuable to companies where all aspects of graphic/web design is vital to the business.

Whatever your online marketing, graphic design and/or computer training needs, Calvin is committed to giving you service excellence.

Send Calvin an email: or give him a call now on 084 632 6622.

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Employment History:

1987 – 1989
Graphic Designer

DIE BURGER newspaper
Nasionale pers (Pty)Ltd

1989 – 1991
Graphic Designer

Getaway Magazine
Ramsay, Son & Parker (Pty)Ltd

1991 – 1993

Advertising Manager
Ivor Garb (Pty)Ltd

1993 – 1995
Ad-Retail cc -
Small Ad agency
specializing in retail advertising and promotions

1995 – 1997
Corelclass - computer graphics specializing in CorelDRAW & Photo-Paint training

1997 – 1999
Graphic Designer
R&L Architects cc

1999 – 2004
Specialist AutoCAD training

2004 – 2007
Graphic Designer
Sunday press
RCP Media
- division of Media24
Nasionale pers (Pty)Ltd

2007 – 2009


2009 – 2010
Consultant / Lecturer
Prestige Academy

2010 – 2013
Consultant / Lecturer/
Webmaster/ Designer

Dynamix Learning Solutions

2014 – 2015
Consultant / Lecturer/
Damelin College
Creative Arts Faculty

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