Have a dream worth failing for
Your dream in life must be a passion.

A great goal in itself, is not the most important thing.
It is the person you must become in terms of courage, character and persistence.
Your dream must be worth the pain
of setbacks along the way.

One of the reasons why people do not set big goals is that they are
not willing to take the pain that comes with achieving big goals.
As soon as an unexpected problem occurs,they give up (usually too soon).

Are you willing to become the person it takes
to fulfill a dream worth failing for?

Questions to ask yourself:
-What is your dream in life? (that star you are shooting for)
-Is it a small dream or a big dream?
-Is your dream worth failing for (is it a worthy goal)?
-How far are you in achieving it, and what has be the things holding you back in achieving it faster?

Let your dream consume your thinking.
You always move in the direction of your most dominant thoughts.
Take control of your thoughts, decisions and actions and be prepared to take responsibility for the outcome (the results),
whether good or bad.

You must have a burning desire and drive to succeed.
How much do you really want it? It must be an obsession
that never wears off.

If you have set such a goal, then make sure it is a worthy goal,
and that you touch or inspire another person (people)
in the pursuit of your goal.
Goals are not set to trample on other people, but to
uplift them as they are affected by your dream.

Let people be affected positively around you by
the sense of purpose you radiate (in your words and actions).
The BE> DO> HAVE concept is my plan or the knowledge I need to apply in my life in order to reach the star I am shooting for.

You can use it too.Adapt it and refine it along the way as it suits
your particular circumstances.
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