It's not who you are, but who you are becoming that's important.

The BE part is who we are today and what needs to change in order to achieve success.


To be the right person is where you begin (the starting point).

This means that being the right person relates to your

Example: In relationships you will not meet the right person
until you yourself become the right person.
Similarly, you cannot have a successful business until you yourself acquire similar thinking and habits of successful entrepreneurs.

So there I've said it: your thinking and habits today will ultimately form your success (or failure) and your
self-image will set the platform (foundation) for that success (or failure).

It’s absolutely true. I have experienced it in my personal and business life. Look back and reflect on your own life as you read and understand the principles of BE> DO> HAVE.

The BE part is about change

Changing your THINKING, your HABITS and your SELF-IMAGE.
The good news is that you can change who you are by
changing the way you think (get a better idea) and
according to the habits you form (and let go of).

We, as people, have the ability to
change our inner-self for the better.

You and I can change who we are if we really want to;
we are not robots -we are not "programmed".
We do not purely follow our instincts like animals. We have free-will;
we can make our own decisions.

Change from within is vital for success.

If we are not prepared to adopt similar thinking and habits of
successful entrepreneurs, we will probably experience a longer
and tougher road to success.

Example: We know the irresponsible lotto winner will
soon lose that million rand and be poor again.
Let’s be responsible and take control of our lives.
Let us be willing to change within for the better.

We will not only reap the rewards in our business life,
but in all areas of our life.

I became willing to change because of the
rewards (the HAVE part) I have started to experience.

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