You get it because you expect it

The DO part is the plan you have decided on and the application of that plan.


The application of a new or better goal (ideas) takes courage
(risk involved), because you are never sure
exactly when you will see the fruit of your labour.

You do not know how people will respond to your
changing behaviour as you apply your ideas.

You might fear what people will think of you, and how they will respond.

Example: What experience do you have?
What will happen if you fail?
Will the long hours be worth it?
How sure are you that you will win?

All these negative concerns (responses) from people around you,
must be blocked out and you have to surround yourself with positive people who are winning in their life.

Here are the 5 vital ingredients of your plan:

1. Have a clear picture in your mind of your dream.
2. Have it written down in the present tense.
3. Get emotionally involved with your dream.
4. Dreams must be specific, and then set a
completion date. (usually 5 years).
5. It must be monitored from time to time
so that you can stay on track.

Your dream must have these ingredients, otherwise it is not a dream,
but merely something you wish for.

Believe and expect your goal. Do not let it just be a fantasy, but take a little action each day so that it moves from being a fantasy into being a theory which will then become an expectation which must be fulfilled.

Read, learn until you gain understanding of
how to achieve your goal.

Never give up- stay determined and do whatever it takes.

Action Tools for your business:

---1. Understand your financial statement (report card)
-----Make adjustments (see pilot story, mountain climber story examples)
-----Your financial statement is your sensor to keep you on track.
---2. Understand the cashflow quadrant.
---3. Understand the bi tri-angle.
---4. Build a team.
---5. Attract investors.
---6. Get a mentor.

.......-I give meaning to each of the action tools in my talks

All the learning & all the knowledge with no action will be of no use.

What is the next step you have to take to move you closer to your goal.
This is the next big step you have to take to move you out of complacency "your comfort zone"

It could be starting a small part time business, or
moving up a level to a bigger business, but
it always requires action
(movement + risk).

Remember: Keep your eye (inner vision) on the ultimate goal
(that star which you are shooting at) and you will
find that you will adjust to the uncertainties of
each step you have to take.

Be brave, but do it. Luck is often referred to as
the moment when opportunity meets preparation.

If you have done your ‘homework” and see the business opportunity “staring” at you, then you must not hesitate, but be brave enough to
make a decision and take the necessary action.

History shows that destiny only favours those dreamers who became bold enough to take action.
Let us not only dream, but let us DO
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