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Against all odds: Inpirational

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To achieve success in business, 
whether big or small, I have come to realize the importance of understanding and applying 
certain principles or values.
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Self-Belief: the foundation for success

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Author: Calvin Dorman

A strong belief in your abilities is vital for success. It's the confidence you radiate in spite of the storm around you.

Here is an important discovery I have made over the years: people destined for success absolutely believe that they are going to be successful, sooner or later.

Successful business people have such a positive self-belief that they absolutely believe that everything that happens to them, positive or negative, is part of a great plan to ultimately make them successful.

Sometimes the obstacles you face in business are so big, that you start losing faith in yourself. Just looking and thinking about these obstacles, can lead you to believe that they are insurmountable.

At this point in your life, what about asking yourself a few questions about your inner beliefs? Questions like:

How do you view your competence and abilities? Do you truly believe that you can overcome any obstacle? Do you have a strong faith in your persistence? Do you know how to, reason, debate and seek answers? Are you able to like a winner in all circumstances?

These are the probing and pertinent questions that you should be asking yourself.

How Self-Belief helps us succeed:

This has to do with gaining the inner-strength and the positive attitude that assists you in finding the answers to every problem.

If we truly believe that we will be able to find the solution, we will become both motivated and excited to work towards it.

Whenever you have doubt in your ability, then you have already lost the battle.

Belief is a very strong cure to most problems and challenges, and it tends to work in wonderful ways.

• Believe that you will be able to find all solutions.

• Believe that you will overcome all problems.

• Believe that you will emerge successful.

• Believe that you are a winner.

• Believe that you deserve success.

There can be no bigger magic than a strong belief in your mental and physical strength to fight against all the odds. The difficulties that you might be experiencing in your life right now could probably be ascribed to a lack of confidence, but this does not mean that all is lost. Read inspiring books, and associate with business winners and mentors so that you condition your thinking in order to react well when bad things happen.

You and I are really better at our business than we think we are.

It's just time we start realising it. I am a good business entrepreneur and so are you. Don't let your current results or anybody else determine your self-belief.

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