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Against all odds: Inpirational

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I am the end of poverty

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Author: Calvin Dorman

"My surroundings are filled with wealth and beauty. Everywhere I go, I create an aura of wealth and happiness. Poverty dissapears in my presence like mist dissappears before the sun".

Gee, what a bold statement to make. Let me explain.

We all go through business, money cycles. Some months or days we have a lot and then some days we feel as if we have too little.

When we feel wealthy (usually on payday for those lucky to earn a salary), we go to the mall and spend and feel rich. BUT.... we should feel that way every single day! The very purpose of life is  to experience JOY in what ever you are doing.

You know the saying: money cannot make you happy. Correct. But you can do (give) so much more for others if you had more. I don't know about you, but I feel more happy when I give (my money, my time, my positive attitude) to more people around me.

So I have claimed the above slogan: I am the end of poverty as my own. It is my personal mission (purpose) in life and it starts within. I will no longer moan about having too little money and too much debt, but start living with the attitude that I am the happiest, wealthiest, healthiest, most caring, most friendliest person on this planet (if you thought you were such a person, you now have some good competition).

So where does " I am the end of poverty" start? For me it starts with my inner world (thinking, meditation, reflection, attitude) and then it manifests in being joyful (by counting all the blessings I do have) and then I start GIVING. I start by slowly increasing the number of charities I support that is aligned to my mission/purpose.

One of the charities my business supports, is to supply R400 in petrol to Adin ( who is also making a positive contribution to people by exchanging value rather than cash (barter system). The other charity I want to support soon: I want to contribute R400 petrol to my kid's "taxi mom" so that she can continue doing the good work of getting kids to school because many of our shools (especially in my community) do not have school busses that pick up kids before and after school.

These are the things that make me happy as I claim: I am the end of poverty!

If you are feeling poor today - drop me a short note and I'll encourage you to look within, count your blessings, smile at someone AND support your charity!!!

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PS. If you do not have a charity then here's a suggestion: start today-take 10% of your profits and create a charity that would make feel good when you give. JOY is the purpose of life.

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