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Against all odds: Inpirational

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To achieve success in business, 
whether big or small, I have come to realize the importance of understanding and applying 
certain principles or values.
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"birds of a feather flock together, isn't just a cute saying"

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Author: Calvin Dorman

"birds of a feather flock together, isn't just a cute saying" Yes, this is not just a cute saying; this is one of the most important reasons why we do, or do not, get the results (outcomes) we want in our business and life in general.

The thinking (views, opinions, beliefs) of your friends, colleagues and the people you associate with, will eventually rub off on you sooner or later. This may be the very reason you might have to change your job and/or your friends.

Have you ever stopped to think that you are attracted to people who have similar thinking (goals or perspectives on certain issues) than you do and you move further away from people whose thinking you cannot relate to (identify with).

Look around and you will notice that successful people have similar interests, views, habits and tend to associated with each other. They join the same business network club as other successful entrepreneurs or they meet at the same evening study courses.

In the same way, unsuccessful people also flock together (usually at the local pub).  This is important, because you and I have to look at ourselves and start asking: who do we tend to attract and who do we “push away”- consciously or unconsciously.
And it is all because of our THINKING - our beliefs / opinions and NOT because of our financial status.

Here is a second saying (slogan) that distinguishes successful people from people yet to achieve success:

"Man forms his habits; then those habits form the man"
Example:  Is your habit of watching too much TV, keeping you from starting a small part-time business which you could work on in the evenings (or attending a short business course)?

Success is the result of a series of good habits in terms of right thinking and right actions.

Habits are hard to break (whether good or bad), but no matter how hard it is, we must also be aware of our poor habits and then be determined each day to break them and to replace them with good ones.

Your poor habits are keeping your good habits back.

Think of it this way: if you where hiking in the mountains with a group; it will always be the slow (unfit) person that will keep the group back from reaching the maintain-top sooner. Let go of your weak habits and strengthen your good ones and you will be sure to accelerate the pace of your success.

Understand that there has to be continuous change in the direction of better thinking and better habits.  Keep improving at it, because it is a life long process. We cannot afford to get complacent. Your comfort zone may be comfortable, but it is a dangerous place to stay in for too long.
You are what you think, so think like a successful business person by “mixing” with them. (attend the right clubs and attend short courses).

You become your habits
, so work diligently on improving your business skills on a daily basis until “change” itself becomes a habit.

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