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Against all odds: Inpirational

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To achieve success in business, 
whether big or small, I have come to realize the importance of understanding and applying 
certain principles or values.
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This morning I got dressed for success

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Author: Calvin Dorman

Hi, I'm Calvin from Calvinbusiness and I want to remind you that you have a better chance on building your passion into a small successful business than betting on getting rich by winning the Lotto.

But, and here's the big BUT....if success in business was easy, everyone would be business owners today.

If you want a result badly enough, you will get it but you must be willing to wait and do what is necessary.

Here is my advice from the many ups and downs in my personal business journey: Handle the challenges of the moment in creative ways, but never turn back to give up on what you want!

Success will come when you least expect it. Be patient. Be persistent. Be working on your passion and learn from your mistakes. Don't count on the Lotto. Count on your daily inner strength and abilities.

Success is waiting for you around this corner. And if not... then around the next corner. Don't lose heart.

"When a man blames others for his failures, it's a good idea to credit others with his successes."
Howard W. Newton

PS. Stay humble when success finally arrives at your door and make sure you are always dressed well to greet it!

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