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Work & Money -
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Author: Calvin Dorman
20 - 07 - 2013

If we love our work and give more than we are paid for, one day we will get paid for more than we give.

Here's my firm belief. We will get paid more for who we are and do than merely for what we do. Let me explain... 

It requires great courage to know and believe in your own creativity, love, skills, knowledge and experience - all the intangible things that can't be touched or counted - and to ask for money in exchange. It is also the greatest of all fulfilments to support ourselves financially from our own gifts.

Money comes in exchange for some service rendered. A great way to realize how simple it is to bring money into your life is to be aware of the simple formula of all financial transactions.

It is: I render you some service, using my talents, energy, love , with the intention of making your life more rewarding and fulfilled. And then in exchange you pay me which feels like a fair exchange.

It is remarkably simple, yet we can get in such a pickle because of all the emotion we attach to the transaction: we don't feel we have anything to offer, we don't feel good enough, we don't feel we can charge or deserve money in return, or we feel guilty about wanting, needing or receiving money.

Gentle reader, stop right here - don't sell yourself short!

Your way of rendering a service is unique. No other person can bring the same love and passion in performing the work that you offer - not to mention your experience (track-record).

Have you noticed when you are buying something at a shop or exchanging money for a service (restaurant, etc) that, if the person serving you is highly skilled and energised with passion, you walk away feeling that it was money well spent. And in the same way, if the opposite happens, you feel you have not received the full value you were expecting.

It is my belief that one has to constantly evaluate yourself and ask yourself "Have I truly given my very best to my client" and also "Have I exceeded in my client's expectations".

Always make it a goal to give such great service that not only will they recommend you to their friends, but could end up being your personal friend as well. 

Wealth lies, more importantly, in the amount of genuine friendships you have made, rather than the amount of money you have accumilated over the years. Yet, when it comes to receiving money for work well done, don't ever sell yourself short.

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