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Against all odds: Inpirational

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Calvin, business consultant and graphic designer from Cape Town presents a business graph related  image to describe his article
To achieve success in business, 
whether big or small, I have come to realize the importance of understanding and applying 
certain principles or values.
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Welcome to Calvin's
News Update

Calvin Windhoek

Welcome to Jesse and Timothy. Two new students who joins CalvinAcademy for 2017.
Learning new specialist computer software skills and entrepreneurship and then getting them ready for their career through internships at companies associated with us. Enjoy it guys!!
19-03-2017 ....News Update 40 

Hello. Calvin here again.
What is the purpose of your business and your role in it? - either as owner , manager or employee.

The real purpose of a business is to SERVE…serve you through a product offer or service of value to you.

Apart from SERVING, I like to see it as fulfilling a gap in a particular market which I refer to as “my community”. Your product offer is fulfilling a particular niche that you have identified.  This niche is your competitive advantage within the “pond that you swim in” ie the market or the community which you serve.

The goal of your business is to innovate and be the biggest fish in that pond.  You have to be the best and stay ahead of the curve in your particular niche so that you become “the company of choice”.

Although that is the goal of your small business, it is still not the purpose of your business.
The purpose of the business can b e seen as a reflection of the purpose of the entrepreneur/ owner of the business.  This purpose can also be referred to as the “why”.  Why the business exists in the first place….  The intentions or the dreams of the business owner when the business was started.

Although many businesses function more or less the same, e.g has products, sales, operations, etc.  the reasons why and the brand personality is largely a reflection of the owner and differs widely among companies in the same industry. 
If the purpose of the company is not aligned to the core of what the customer or client really wants, then it won’t be in business for long.

So the purpose of a small business is not purely to fulfill a need in the market but also to appeal to a particular niche in an over-crowded market which is aligned to the owner’s vision for the business. 

The owner is the key driver to make sure the vision and goals of the business is adhered to at all times in order to grow the business.  Competition within an industry plays a key role.  Customers may use a product of service but has many choices among the various competitors that complete for the business.

As an owner, you have to be able to identify and differentiate as to how and why these customers would prefer using your product or your company.  Your vision and values are tied in with the purpose of your business and reflect the values and wants of the customer.

I am going to use my own small computer training school which I started last year as an example to illustrate purpose
Calvin Academy was founded in Feb 2016 by myself with the purpose of serving my community which is the people in and around the Northern suburbs of Cape Town
This is my market and I compete with colleges and training companies offering computer graphics and entrepreneurship courses as well.

I benefit my community by offering a practical entrepreneur course at the most affordable price with many extra added value like specialist software training included in my offer.
This is a niche market and I now have to make sure that my offer gives the most value and added benefits than all my competitors – this will ensure growth.

My purpose is not only to serve my students and give their parents the best value for money, but I must serve my staff (admin and assistant lecturers) as well by making sure they have the resources and are empowered to carry out my vision.

So when you talk about the purpose of the business you cannot separate it from the purpose or the vision of the entrepreneur and the eventual success would be determined by the value students and parents get from the courses and service level offered. 

The entrepreneur, and staff must be driven and motivated to reach their fullest potential.  Success is a commitment to the company’s purpose.

To fully understand my mission and vision, please go to my website link:

Because I see small business as the backbone of overcoming poverty in our community, I am focused on entrepreneurship training as my niche in the education industry.

My purpose is not only to serve my students and give their parents the best value for money.

For more info about my course offer, please go to my website link here……..
Whatsapp 084 632 6622
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