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Against all odds: Inpirational

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Calvin, business consultant and graphic designer from Cape Town presents a business graph related  image to describe his article
To achieve success in business, 
whether big or small, I have come to realize the importance of understanding and applying 
certain principles or values.
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Welcome to Calvin's
News Update


I am always reading motivational and business leadership books every month to help me grow so that I too can inspire other young people reach their vision and purpose through hard/smart work......this month's read:
A Hustler's Bible by Gayton McKenzie
(May 2017)
28-05-2017 ....News Update 43 

Hello. Calvin here again.
I am glad to say that the new CorelDraw 2017 version has created a lot of interest in CorelDraw classes this month. I want to encourage you to upgrade your CorelDraw skills sooner rather than later.

As you know, I focus on one-to-one training as it is by far the best way you will learn CorelDraw or any Adobe products (Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator being the main graphic design software) and AutoCAD and SolidWorks as well.

Whether you want to learn On-Site or at our school- in the mornings, evenings or over a Saturday morning, please reply to this email newsletter and I will be there to help you get started.

See your training as a journey which you do not want to rush but want personal guidance along the way no matter what your pace. I will work out your own customised training schedule dates. This is important that you know that if you are serious about upping your graphic design skill level, then you should not wait but start creating momentum now by getting started.

It is so important to increase your skill level all the times through training courses to stay ahead. Should a company downscale and you find yourself without a job, it is going to be difficult to be competitive with someone who has maintained and improved his/her skills especially in a field where your knowledge of computer software is so important. 

This week, my Calvin-Academy students will again actively be involved in my INTERNSHIP programme which is geared to give them the practical experience which is vital before they can venture on their own and turn their passion into profits with their newly acquired, specialized computer software skills.

I am very proud of Curt, Javian, Carla, Bianca and Justin who started at Calvin-Academy in Feb this year and learned CorelDraw with me in the 1st term. Now they are getting logos "artwork-ready" for T-shirt printing at a printing company, A1Print Works.
Well done all and keep up the good work.

If your company requires AutoCAD and graphic design skills and would like to become part of my internship programme then please send me an email
To find out more about my college and what I have to say to parents, click my web page link here……

I don't want to talk about my success and fails all the time.
I want to lead by example by working hard, making mistakes and learning from it.

People should not hear me speak all the time but watch me improve in my behaviour. It is only by our good actions and good relationships that we grow, improve and become unstoppable.

Even in my darkest hour, I want to look through the cracks and see the light shine in.

This way I can believe that I have no reason to give up and feel helpless.

My obsession to succeed with not much money and my drive to take action every day and move forward makes me relentless and unstoppable.

Join me as we get up again today and move forward one step at a time until we find ourselves running towards our VISION with commitment and purpose.
Get one-to-one training and you will get into the fast lane of your career never to be overtaken again....see you in class.
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