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Calvin, business consultant and graphic designer from Cape Town presents a business graph related  image to describe his article
To achieve success in business, 
whether big or small, I have come to realize the importance of understanding and applying 
certain principles or values.
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Welcome to Calvin's
News Update


02-07-2017 ....News Update 44

Hello. Calvin here again.
Time flies and we are already half way through 2017.
What major goals have we worked hard for and attained so far? Are we starting to see great results at the halfway mark?

Making yearly goals are important but evaluating them mid-year is just as vital.

We have to determine if we are on-track or need to make adjustments now to reach our goals and excercise our potential at its fullest.

It is one thing to set worthy goals but it is another thing to persue it with an unstoppable drive. Let us not lose focus nor allow our efforts to become less urgent.

When it comes to our career goals, we have to ask ourselves if we are just as committed today as we were at the beginning of the year to improve our skill-sets.

No matter what industry we are in, there are always room for improving our skills at every level. And here I am suggesting that we improve our computer skills related to our specialist industry whether it be Graphic Design, Marketing or technical industries like Engineering, Construction or Architecture.

It is shocking to read in the newspaper that our country is currently in a recession and that the unemployment statistics which have been hovering around 27% unemployment is going to get worse as our country has been experiencing negative growth over the last 2 quarters.

Many companies will continue to downscale or not take in new employees. Should a company downscale and you find yourself without a job, it is going to be difficult to be competitive with someone who has maintained and improved his/her skills especially in a field where your knowledge of computer software is so important.

Also, one does not want to start a new job at a lower salary because there are so many people competing for it.

Besides motivating everybody I meet to keep improving their computer skills, I am also encouraging young people to follow the path of entrepreneurship at a young age (20's through to 30's) so that they can learn what it takes to become a successfull entrepreneur and take advantage of opportunities instead of becoming a slave to a secure but small monthly salary.  

People that you meet will quickly tell you that 9 out of 10 start-ups fail within the first year and before you know it, you have stopped imagining a business for yourself in the future and become wrapped up in the reality of a job where you are secured in knowing you will have money at the end of the month.

I tell young people that once you can imagine and see yourself as a business owner, you will also start seeing opportunities that you never knew existed. You will start searching in the right direction and start finding “how to do it”

The “how to do it” I recommend to all parents is to stop wasting money on expensive Varsity fees to help your child get his/her MBA. This “how to do it” route is no guarantee

Look at the statistics of my previous blog here where graduates are’nt even getting a job (never mind starting their own business).
And besides, how many parents in South Africa today can afford to send their children to UCT or Wits University to get a MBA degree.

The career road for young people is simple: (1) Make sure your dream to become a job-creator instead of a job-seeker is strong enough. In other words: imagine you are a successful business owner almost daily.

At CalvinAcademy we first focus on VISION (2) learn basic entrepreneurial skills at a specialized business college like Calvin-Academy.

(3) Do an internship at a small business where you can pick the brains of the owner in an industry which compliments your vision and...

(4) start small with a few friends and a business mentor to guide you along the way.

Instead of complaining about the corruption in government all the time, i have decided to BECOME THE SOLUTION I WANT TO SEE by starting my own college in 2016 and adapting my course content to industry requirements.

Through constant meetings with companies and making my students available for internships I have made my courses relevant. I care about the future of my twins and your young adult children as well.....
Get one-to-one training and you will get into the fast lane of your career never to be overtaken again....see you in class.
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