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Against all odds: Inpirational

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To achieve success in business, 
whether big or small, I have come to realize the importance of understanding and applying 
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Welcome to Calvin's
News Update

8-3-2019 ....News Update 48



Yesterday was the first day for Luthando and Siraaj to test their CorelDraw skills at one of our intern-partnership companies.

Not only have they shown me a natural talent and high level of ability with CorelDraw by learning the content in class so eagerly and quickly, but they have that GO-GET attitude where they are hungery to be high achievers.....
"so guys I am giving you this opportunity and now you must show me you are up to the challenge ahead.
I believe you can do it and will assist when you struggle...we are a team".

We are here to grow the specialist software skills and talents of our young students and they are always willing to give their very best. Well done guys!!

Ivan Lectures by CalvinBusiness


Ivan Clow gave his first lecture to our Calvin-Academy CAD students last night (see pics above). I have had many AutoCAD lectures over the years since I started CADclass way back in 1998 at the Bellville library (down stairs at the art gallery).

Lecturers come and go over the years and I have been fortunate to be able to attract the best and most experienced people from the CAD industry to give up their time in the evenings and contribute back to our community their valuable knowledge on CAD for a small fee.

Teaching is really a labour of love and our course prices are still the lowest in Cape Town - still only R2295 for 12 hours one-to-one training this year!

On average my CAD lecturers have been teaching for me for more or less 5 years consistently but I am proud to say that Ivan has been with my CADclass training business since 2011 (he did his course with me in 2008).

He still enjoys giving classes after all these years and our students are fortunate to have someone who has teached so many different students from so many varied industries using this specialist software.

He has developed the insight of how to transfer complex CAD content to newbies in such a unique way that they grasp it and are able to apply it practically after the course.

We also provide video tutorials and a pdf manual half way through the course to make more content available as class time is limited. (if there are any past students who want updated manuels/videos plse contact me and collect it at the school).

"Thank you Ivan for your commitment to my students over the past 8 years and for being my good friend as well". Lets give CAD class of 2019 academy students the skills/abilities to be top achievers as well.

Late Enrolment for 2019 is still open !!!
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