One-to-One Computer Graphics Training
since 1995

by Calvin Dorman
Value-driven, private training you can always rely on

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Against all odds: Inpirational

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To achieve success in business, 
whether big or small, I have come to realize the importance of understanding and applying 
certain principles or values.
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I will give you
computer training

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My focus on one-to-one part-time training sets my offer apart from others.
These provide two primary benefits which you might not have realized or even thought about:

1. Firstly, one-to-one means that you get individual attention.
This is so important for learning. You can build up a training relationship with your trainer where there is accountability.

In college/corporate classes the facilitator is not as helpful as you would like them to be. There is usually a "distance" kept and no opportunity to build a one-to-one training relationship where vital assistance after the classes is needed. This "after sales" assistance is vital to your learning process and ONLY individual training allows for this to happen.

My teaching partner, Carlton Thomas and I follow my tested one-to-one training methods/material I have created and continually updated over the past +- 18 years.


This is a key feature with one-to-one training. If you are keen to learn, I am able to train you on a customised flexable schedule. Why? Because you might want to reschedule your class due to an emergency business meeting or an unexpected family crises. This would be possible without losing a class as one-to-one means there is nobody else in the class who might be affected and your request and compromises could be met. You as the client/student are always able to come FIRST !

Training is usually presented by myself and Carlton from 6pm-8:30pm in the evenings. Classes can also be customised for mornings or afternoons and even Saturdays on request.

Classes can also be scheduled to be conducted at your premises on request (On-Site training)

Because I offer many other specialist software training courses, I have listed them here below.

Note: Each course is individually branded with its own website so that you can access all the information you will require. Have a look by clicking on the logo image or the link below it.

Web Design: Dreamweaver CS6
Branded as WebClass. Click here to view the website.

Graphic / Layout / Printing: CorelDRAW X8
corelclass logo
Branded as Calvin CorelCLASS Click here to veiw the website.

Magazine / Catalogues: InDesign CS6
corelclass logo
Branded as Calvin InDesignCLASS Click here to veiw the website.

Graphic / Layout / Printing: Illustrator CS6
corelclass logo
Branded as Calvin IllustratorCLASS Click here to veiw the website.

Graphic / Photography: Photoshop CS6

calvin photoshopclass
Branded as Calvin PhotoshopCLASS. Click here to veiw the website.

Engineering / Architecture: AutoCAD 2017
cadclass logo

Branded as Calvin CadCLASS. Click here to veiw the website.

Electrical / Mechanical Engineering: SolidWorks 2017
cadclass logo
Branded as Calvin SolidWorksCLASS. Click here to veiw.

You can make contact with me in any of the following ways:
Send me an SMS on 084 632 6622 and I will call you
click this email link to send me an email:
to sent me a Facebook message:
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Calvin, Business consultant: Graphic design and Training in Cape Town offers specialist software training courses in 2010.

One-to-one training
Individual attention

Part-time, shortcourses

4x classes, 2 per week

30-Day Trial
you get the latest software for practical learnin

Incl. Calvin's own video

Ideal venue:
(Northern suburbs)
Tygerberg Art school

Flexible Training Schedule
Can change the dates and time to suit you

Training since 1994:
confirming my experience & expert knowledge
presented on attendance

R200 Discount:
valid when attending both course levels (1 and 2)
Professional training guaranteed:
best quality training offere & value for money.

Examples of my
Website Design
work for Clients:
image of web consultant, calvin from Cape Town
Keimoes hotel
Dynamix communications
calvin business consultant from Cape Town desiigned it installations website
RFS Image


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