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To achieve success in business, 
whether big or small, I have come to realize the importance of understanding and applying 
certain principles or values.
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I will design your website & drive traffic to it

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What is the purpose of having a website if it simply floats around, lost in cyberspace because it has no new visitors each month

Unfortunately, this happens because there are still many companies who do not use ALL the tools of a complete, fully integrated web marketing strategy.

Calvinbusiness will drive traffic to your site over a period of 3 months and show you the Web Analytics afterward to confirm the astonishing success rate of a fully integrated web marketing strategy, excecuted properly along proven guidelines.

In past web marketing campaigns, I have more than doubled new visitors to my clients' websites.

1. Email Marketing
A week before month-end a promotional type email campaign is sent to your existing client/customer database list as well as a new list of +-200 potential clients.

This is a benefit to you, as we create this list from sratch, matching a profile that fits your target market. This direct email campaign will have "call to action" links to drive traffic from their inbox to a related landing page on your website.

Note: the conversion rate (potential to make a sale) happens from the targeted pages of information on your official website.

Our Email Marketing initiatives are managed in-house on the special software platform, Sendblaster which is a complete email marketing management system built to handle even the largest and most complex of campaigns.

2. Blogging campaign - 5 Free articles
One of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website is by implementing a blogging campaign.

Here Calvinbusiness will write 5 relevant articles about your industry. These blogs will be posted on a weekly basis to at least 3 major article directories and other industry related Blog sites with back-links to your website.

These blogs will also feature on your Facebook business Fan Page with back-links to your website.

3. Social Media -Facebook
Social Media marketing involves using Facebook to build a community of consumer followers.

Should you do it correctly according to my Facebook Planning Document (downloadable in PDF format from my Home Page), it can become one of the most powerful methods to drive traffic to your website and have others recommend using your product/service to their friends.

Calvinbusiness will create a Facebook Business Page for your company. This will be integrated with Facebook Like buttons on your official website.

An added benefit will be that Calvinbusiness not just create, but will also will manage the Fan Page on your behalf for 3 months according to his Facebook Planning Document which will see your Fan base grow. What this means is that you will have grown your potential new leads from a new marketing platform.

Read more on the benefits of Facebook...

4. Web Analytics
The above Web Marketing strategies executed according to my proven guidelines, will drive traffic to your website.

As part of my service, I will apply my knowledge of Web Analytics to show you the results printed from the server on which your website is hosted.

The Web Analytics will show you how many new visitors have visited your site on a monthly basis as well as what pages; how many pages; and from which incoming websites and IP adresses they have come from.

The cost:
The cost is flexable and negotiable from as little as R1 900.

The next step:
First, we arrange a meeting to discuss all your website requirements or any brief that you might have.
This meeting will give me a complete indication of the web design services I can offer you, to achieve the best web design solution for you at the right price.

You can make contact with me in any of the following ways:
Send me an SMS on 084 632 6622 and I will call you
click this email link to send me an email:
to sent me a Facebook message:
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Examples of my
Website Design
work for Clients:
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Keimoes hotel
Dynamix communications
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